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Transforming whey waste into sustainable solutions

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What is

Biocomplete is a revolutionary solution to the global problem of whey waste.

Whey, a hazardous by-product of cheese production, has been a significant environmental pollutant in the food industry.

Over 170 million tonnes of whey are produced annually, leading to alarming environmental impacts.

Biocomplete addresses this challenge by utilizing a robotic system on-site to reduce 90% of the water in whey.

Throughout yeast fermentation, the residue is transformed into high-quality bioethanol, while extracting valuable proteins and other substances.

Biocomplete not only solves the whey waste problem but also creates high-value products, promoting environmental protection and sustainability.

Problems Addressed

Global Whey Waste:
Over 170 million tonnes of whey are produced annually, and the disposal of whey presents a significant environmental challenge.

Environmental Pollution:
Whey is considered the most dangerous pollutant among food industry pollutants, with high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels. Discharging whey into the sewerage system and natural waters is environmentally detrimental.

Inefficient Resource Utilization:
Traditional methods of whey disposal fail to harness their potential, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Key Features

On-Site Robotic System

Biocomplete incorporates an automated robotic system that reduces 90% of the water content in whey directly at the dairy site.

Yeast Fermentation

By adding yeast to the residue, Biocomplete initiates the fermentation process, converting the whey into bioethanol with a purity of 98%.

Protein Extraction

Biocomplete utilizes the residue to extract high-quality proteins for food or feed production, maximizing resource utilization.

Environmentally Friendly

Biocomplete offers an environmentally sustainable solution by transforming whey waste into valuable products, reducing pollution, and protecting natural resources.

Scalable and Efficient

The automated process of Biocomplete ensures scalability and cost-effectiveness for dairy producers of all sizes.

Biocomplete features an on-site robotic system that efficiently addresses the global issue of whey waste in dairy production.

The system combines water reduction, yeast fermentation, and protein extraction to provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

Through the robotic system, Biocomplete enables the conversion of whey waste into high-value bioethanol and protein-rich products.

The solution offers both environmental and business benefits by efficiently managing whey waste and turning it into profitable resources.

Biocomplete's approach promotes sustainability by minimizing waste, generating renewable energy, and producing valuable protein products.

Biocomplete is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the handling of whey waste.

It transforms whey into valuable bioethanol and extracts high-quality proteins.

Biocomplete provides a sustainable and profitable alternative for dairy producers.

By using Biocomplete, dairy producers can turn an environmental challenge into an opportunity for growth.

It reduces pollution and promotes sustainability by generating renewable energy.

Biocomplete creates high-added-value products from whey waste.


Environmental Sustainability

Biocomplete significantly reduces the environmental impact of whey waste by converting it into valuable bioethanol and extracting useful substances, thus preventing its discharge into the sewerage system and natural waters.

High-Added Value Products

The residue generated during the process is dried and used for the production of protein-rich food or feed, maximizing resource utilization.


By utilizing a robotic system on-site, Biocomplete offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for dairy producers to manage whey waste.

Regulatory Compliance

Biocomplete helps businesses comply with environmental regulations and reduce their carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy

The bioethanol produced can be used as a sustainable alternative to traditional gasoline, promoting a greener future.

Our Markets

Biocomplete caters to dairy producers who generate whey waste and seek sustainable and cost-effective solutions for its management.

Organizations and individuals passionate about environmental sustainability and seeking innovative solutions to reduce pollution and waste.

Bioethanol Industry
Companies involved in the bioethanol industry, including those focused on renewable energy and seeking alternative feedstock options